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Life is Just Like a Ballpen Refill

This classic ballpoint pen may be small, but has remained the same for 40 years. Invented in the 60s, the Lamy Pico is made of solid titanium with a matt shimmering surface that is highly functional and elegant.

The Lalex 1938 Pens are made in Italy and boasts a fine tradition of charm, elegance and durability. The small pens versions were first founded in 1938 by Leopoldo Aquila. The lalex 1938 has unique spring mechanisms unlike its predecessors. To own one is a symbol of status and taste.

The Wallet Pen is a small pen made of solid sterling silver that can be affixed to any space inside a wallet. Since wallets are essential components of day to day living, adding a small pen to it just makes life a lot easier. It can be taken out at any time to jot down notes, contact information, memos, and reminders; almost for absolutely anything. The wallet pen is function and beauty at the same time.

The Astronaut Pen or the Zero Gravity pen is endorsed by Fisher Space pen Company, which uses ink cartridges that are pressurized and can write in zero gravity. The smaller version, which is called the ‘bullet pen’ is non-retractable and stouter than most ordinary ball point pens in the market. However, it becomes full sized when the cap is attached for better grip. There is a bullet-style space pen which is on permanent exhibition at the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). The small bullet pen is said to write for a lifetime of normal use, and the refills can be utilized in any other type of pens by using the minute plastic adaptor that is relayed with each refill. Fisher also manufactures ‘universal’ refills that can be used in almost all types of pens, especially Cross and Papermate.

With modern technology, many everyday items are made more compact for easy use and comfort. Small pens are no longer extraordinary; in fact, there are many brand names out there to suit every style and budget. Some pen Companies have also taken to create special small pens meant for ladies; with encrusted jewels or Swarovski Crystals. Pens are no longer just for function, but are now fashion statements as well. Many carry them in purses when dining out for the evening.

You are about to learn about one of the best selling promotional gift pens in the UK and US. The Balmain Perpignan metal gift pen offers an amazing opportunity to promote your brand for years to come. It is a quality gift that people will want to keep forever.

To replace your old cartridge you simply pull it out and insert your new refill until you feel a click.

The other option for their fountain pen is to use a bottle of Parker Quink and your converter. You draw up the ink by screwing or pulling up the converter and wipe the nib clean with a lint free cloth.

Parker Quink cartridges come with a small ink reserve which allows you to continue writing just when you think you are stuck.

Parker Roller ball Refills

Their roller ball refills have enough ink to write for around 1000 metres and come in 4 colors, black, blue, red and green. pen refills

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